Create New Site/Blog for Youth Group

Tired of looking for a good templates for my new blog makes me want to write something here in my blog. I tried a few templates but still not satisfied me. This new blog will be an official site for youth programme that i am monitoring now. At first i told my bos that i already create group in FB for them but then she ask me, "Did you manage to create the website for youth?".. Errkk.... i haven't done any yet but i told her, i did. Yay! Just simply said. Now i am trying to figure out the best templates that can represent this youth group.

Alahai, penat pulak aku mencuba satu persatu. I am not good at html code or css or anything about it. I only use the ready made templates online. But now, i have to play a little bit with those codes. Huhuhu... have to search and terpaksalah aku rajin cari tutorial online. Adeh...

Okay let me share some of the templates that i already try on. But all of it didn't match what i am looking for. But let me share with you here.

#1 BLUE ROOSTER templates from deluxe templates

#2 FLORIANO also from deluxe templates

#3 MASURIN templates from

But i haven't choose any yet. This is only the first 3 that i tried. Still not satisfied. Till tomorrow. I need to have some sleep first. Since this website or blog is not that urgent, then i still have time tomorrow or next week. Okay. Nite all!


  1. rose..ko boleh try website tok: --> cari under categories: "other layouts", then click: "blogger templates" tauk ada yg ko suka sia :)

  2. Bab--thanks for the suggestions. lak ku cuba pg site pyzam ya.. aku ada juak pakei layout nok dipolah nya ya.. cuma aku kena carik layout nok formal sikit untuk blog sidak youth tok.. actually wordpress empun layout nok ngam sikit tapi sik banyak nok dah di convert pegi blogger. thanks.


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