Gathering My Friend's Blogs

Okay, i have a mission for this blog. I want to gather all my dearest friends blog here in this blog. I did hope that i will connected with their stories and routine if they share a story about their current life. Their interests and so on. I like to read them because it will make me keep in touch with them wherever their are. Even if we are separated by the sea, boundaries but with internet and technology there is no boundaries.. :-)

So far i have four of my friend's blog and i put them in MY BUDDY WRITINGS. Here they are:
All of them are my very bestfriends. Know all of them quite sometime and the longest one is Bibab. We are friends since we are at secondary school, back in 1997. Fewww... it has been 14 years now. We are still friends. This friendship is really really special and Apai is her husband. :-)

Alright, then Frouline. I met her way back in 2007 when i was attend my driving class. Since she was looking for a job then i ask her to give me her resume and then she was call for an interview with the company that i am working for that time. Start from that moment we are friends. Friends for Life... :-)

Dency.... I met her the first time at UNIMAS. I heard a lot about her from my other friend, Diana since 2006. Since then, i wanted to met her up but never had a chance when i went to Kuching. The first time we met i think it was in 2008. Since that, we were friends until now.

It's feel great when you met someone and you can get along with them. Appreciate each other and trust each other. Keep in touch and be there whenever we are in need. That is what a friend for.

Guys, thank God i found you all along my life journey. God bless us all. PEACE!!! (^_^)


  1. Glad to hear that, you listed me as you best buddy..cheers!

  2. Hehehe..didn't remember that i wrote this post. Yup..yours in the top list.. :-)


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