Handicraft Training

You will not be able see my blog updates for about four days. Bear in mind that it is not because i am lazy or what but i am away for four days. Huhuhu... I will be missing my laptop and my blogging world. Aiyah...so addicted to blogging (hmm..what can i do when i just love to write).

I will assist a group of trainer from Malaysian Craft. I am not the trainer okay (jadi, ibohla pikir aku nok train org kpg k. bikin malu jak, aku bukannya pandey menganyam pun). Murut's have a very unique and interesting patterns of crafts motives. As you can see, the above pictures is one of the motives. Sorry, i can't remember the name of this motive. By the way, they are excellent craftswoman but they need to be more innovative and reproductive. Okay, some sort of things like that. That is why they need training.

So, i will be able to learn some skills too. Hopefully i can make one simple box. Will see what happen when i get back next week. (^_^)


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