Long Distance Relationship

On April 16, my friend Den post an entry about Long Distance Relationship in her blog. Then, when i open my Facebook, my friend Lala also post something about long distance relationship in her FB status. Then, this really reminds me of my own relationship.

I like long distance relationship. I am not sure why i like it. Maybe because i am not like "belangkas" like Malay proverbs say "Seperti Belangkas". Can not separated. But, there was twice my relationship didn't work out. Putus tengah jalan jak. I learn quite a few things in my previous relationship and that makes me more matured today (that is what i think for now). :-)

My current relationship also long distance, was so difficult to see each other. Maybe we only see each other for once in two months? Not sure because it will only depends on our work schedule. It has been 11 months and we did well even there were a few times misunderstanding happen. But, i am happy that all those incident make our relationship stronger.

The main principal in our relationship is TRUST. Because if there is no trust, it was so easy to think bad or negative things about our partner on the other side of the world. The second one is UNDERSTANDING. "If i didn't answer your phone call please don't think that i am with another guy or i am having a vodka ice with my buddy and ignoring you." So, understanding is the other key points that keeps us together until now. Still not yet one year but we are trying to make this relationship works. There are lots more but this two really play a major role in this relationship.

So, that is what i wanted to share for today. Hope other couples out there are having their great moments too even we are separated wit our love ones. It is just space but close in our heart. Pheweitt... jiwang plak aku. Hahahahha... That is what happen when u r in love. *wink*....


  1. And be STRONG in your relationship...No matter what other people say about your relationship, be firm with your choice....

  2. Thanks Den for your words. Hope both of us boleh bertahan. Belum 1 year gik tok but so far so good. Thanks be to God.

  3. Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars


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