Long Journey Long Day

Today was a long and rough day a little bit. As usual working with community will always makes me headache because there is always problems (*shh* i am drinking wine while i am writing this). However, today after two hours drive we reach the village. Actually we are sending two women that we bring for a exposure visit to KL.

Alright, let me skip that part first. Let me share a little bit about the great moments as we arrive there. As i open the car door, i ask Mr. B (the local people there), which part of the river is the tame fish was. They have a Tagal system in their river and since 2 years ago no fishing activities has been done so the fish became tame and not afraid of humans. So, i became excited to experience it myself. So we brought chicken food (baja ayam) together with us to the river. When i put the food inside my hand and immerse my hand inside the flowing water. At first there were only about two or three fishes that came and tried to get the food inside my hand. After a while, about 3 minutes there were more coming. It was a great experience because i only heard lots about the Tagal fish from other villages doing the fish therapy especially from Kg. Luanti, Ranau. But, this is from different area. A good start for my visit before i am tired of giving advice and lectures to the ladies that involve in the small enterprise that we are monitoring there.

So, what happen next is really challenging part. It is so tough to explain what we are doing and how it is related to those activities that they involved in. They are not open for change, they already to comfort with the things they are right now. Stay in the village and just doing their ordinary things everyday. Sometimes i lost my patience when i react to their response and i can say i am a bit rough with them now. It has been two years but they still have not yet trust us. They still think that we have hidden agenda towards them (ada udang di sebalik batu). So hard to help people when there are no trust. My friend and i always said that we are the burning candles. Helping people without asking for payback and we are burning till sometime we didn't care about our own things. Personal matters came second. Hmmm...

Should stop here. I hope for a better day tomorrow. Always dreaming for a great day ahead!


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