Church Choir - 26th May 2008

It’s been a while I join our church choir here in Bintulu. I love to worship God and talk to Him in songs because every word in the lyrics can easily touch my heart. Why these days too difficult for me to get touched by those words anymore? Today I realize one thing. God really want us to humble ourselves before Him.

There is no more melody from my heart but only come out from my mouth. It was really easy for me to fall into pride. This feeling came and overcome Lord’s gift of humbleness in me. I start to think I can sing better than anyone else in the group. My voice is better than her and her and her. At first I didn’t realize it but then, I start to feel I am over anyone else and I tend to forget what the real service that I am doing here is. Luckily that Lord always guides me back and He doesn’t want me to follow the wrong way.

Today, I pray for His guidance and may His Holy Spirit guides us in our choir group. I feel joy in my heart during the Eucharistic service and praise Him is a wonderful things to do. Thank you Lord for always guide me and show me the way back home. I will keep serve you and my neighbors. I LOVE YOU LORD.


  1. kak rose, u're in bintulu? which choir group? Oli tok

  2. Oli--tok cita lamak bah tok. Masa aku agik keja di Btu dolok... Aku import post dalam blog ku di Multiply & Wordpress pegi sitok coz duak2 page aku ya aku dah sik aktif agik. Aku join English Choir group di St. Anthony, Btu dolok. Dari tahun 2007-2008. :-D


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