Everyday Is A Wake Up Call From God - 29th Oct 2008

Started from 21st until 23rd of October, i attend the talk on "RECONCILIATION" by Fr. Terry Burke at St. Joseph Cathedral. I really want to understand what is sin and how do we know that we are commit sins? I need something more clear about this. I have a fear of going for confession (Sacrament of Penance). So, i am looking for a way to overcome it through my understanding.

On the first day, Fr. Terry talk about sin. Before he continues with his talk he asks us to turn around and have a chit chat with people next to us on what we understand about sin. There are two man sit near me, one is sitting in front of me (Mr. A) and the other one is on my left side (Mr. B). Mr. B always laugh when Fr. Terry make jokes but when Mr. A start our conversation and asking any ideas about what sin is, he just keep silent. Then, Mr. A asking me what sin means to me? I remember that it is a sin to disobey or not follow the Ten Commandments. I can't remember what else i was sharing with them in spite of disobeying Ten Commandments. When i ask Mr. A, he told us that for him, Sin is when he follow his own will but not God's will. Hmm...i agree with his point and i realize how complicated what i think about sinning is.

Then Fr. Terry continues with his talk. He share with us so many things about the root of sins, how it is come to the world and what happen to us in this world today? How we commit sins everyday in our life. On the day of our baptism we are baptize and accepted as a children of God and we are free from original sin. It is the starting of our journey with God and here comes a long journey in our life and we will face so many things.

In this world, we are divided into many divisions, man against man, man against world ad so on. Therefore we have to reconcile and be one in Christ again. To reconcile with God we have to admit ourselves upon Him. To admitting ourselves in front of God is not an easy things to do. This is what i feel because pride will always trying to keep us away from doing it.Therefore, we have to allow Holy Spirit to guide us and working in us, if it is by our own, it will not work completely. After admitting ourselves to God, then we have to turn to God by confessing. Standing honestly before God for i am a sinner. We need to see what we are like, so sinning shows us how we look like. Admit it, that we are a sinner and then changing from that direction to the way of the Lord. Through our action we are reparing ourselves and turning to God direction again. Only the creator is the one that can recreate us again.

To become His disciples, asking ourselves; Am i walking with Him? Am i doing what He is doing? For to become His follower i have to follow what He is doing.

To be honest i am still not completely understand the explanation from Fr. Terry but i am in the process of understanding it with guidance from the Holy spirit because i want to become God's People, Follower of Christ, His Disciples.


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