Sharing Is Caring - Part 2

I think i talk too much yesterday. I have a very interesting conversation with different people @ friends at several occasions. It was an interesting experience because when we share with different people we will get different feedback and response. Some so good and some are not so good. The effect itself for myself also different. So, it all depends on how do i reflects back on the whole conversation that i had with these people. I believe that they are all send by God to show me something and teach me something. That "something" is not by chance but it is the way of God works amongst us. As my friend told me "God works in mysterious ways". Then, that is happen in our life everyday.

It was so difficult for me to maintain my daily writing about my spiritual sharing in my blogs. I have two blogs before this, that i share a few of my spiritual experiences. But it is not easy to spread the word of God. There is always challenge to make it through. Therefore, i decide to import some of my post from my previous blogs (which i didn't update anymore) into this blog. I hope i can maintain my writing in this blog. As told by Fr. Simon during our camp last weekend, do write all the spiritual experiences because when we feel down, we can read it back and reflects on it. Not only that, these experiences in some other way may lift up others. God works in mysterious ways, right. (^_________^)


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