A Wake Up Call - 1st May 2008

God really loves me very much but I didn’t do my part by loving him as much as he loves me. Put him above all things and over all things in my life. Why should I doubt him so much for so many obstacles that I faced in my life? Why should I blame him for everything that I ask from him but never answered by him? Why my parents still in the same condition? Why they still believe and idols black magic? Why they still not return back to Him and receive Him in their life? Why I still can not finish my study this year? Why there are still problems in my work place? There are so many things I ask you Lord but never answered me?

How can Lord answer me if in everything that I ask I doubt it? These things will come up in my mind, “Will Lord listen to me if I keep asking him the same things over and over again?” I didn’t have faith in him. It is only come out from my mouth but not sincerely with my humble heart that I surrender all things in my life to him. Repent and surrender everything in his hand.

Today I realize that the most important things that I haven’t done is to love God back as much as he loves me. I know God loves me but I forget to give that love back to him as well. I always ask him to give me strength to overcome all difficulties that I face in my life. I thought he never answers me but by giving me more challenging things in my life he already make me more courage to overcome other difficulties.

1 COR 10: 13 - No trial greater than human endurance has overcome you. God is faithful and will not let you be tempted beyond your strength. He will give you, together with the temptation, the strength to escape and to resist.

This is God’s wake up call for me today. “I am able to endure all things in the strength of Jesus Christ. I am able because He is faithful”. Thank you Lord. I love you Lord Jesus Christ.


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