Worrying - 11th Sept 2008

I read one article today that quote from a book of the theologian Erma Bombeck that touch about worrying:

I’ve always worried a lot and frankly, I’m good at it. I worry about introducing people and going blank when I get to my mother. I worry about a shortage of ball bearings; a snake coming up through the kitchen drain. I worry about the world ending at midnight and getting stuck with three hours on a twenty-four hour cold capsule. I worry about getting into the Guinness World Book of Records under “Pregnancy: Oldest Recorded Birth?’ I worry what the dog thinks when he sees me coming out of the shower; that one of my children will marry an Eskimo who will set me a drift on an iceberg when I can no longer feed myself. I worry about sales ladies following me into the fitting room, oil slicks, and Carol Channing going bald. I worry about scientists discovering someday that lettuce has been fattening all along.

Why we have to worry so much? When we worried so much we keep ourself out of our purpose in our life and apparently it will makes us forgot who is in charge of our life. The problem is that our heart has been soured with anxiety. The only way is that stop worrying and focus on our service to God not to ourself.

I can say everything great here but i am an human being too. To stop thinking and worrying about problems in my life is very difficult. When it is start to flash into my mind and it will keep there and for sure i will keep thinking about it. I remember the speaker for Growth in Spirit seminar preach in his talk a few years back, he says that we can't entertain those thinking that come into our mind from the beginning. Why? Because when we entertain it, it will become our habit and it will take over our attitude as well. So, Satan is very good in this. We like to think and use our brain but sometimes we didn't realize that the bad forces make use of it and we didn't notice it.

Pray and continue to stay firm in our FAITH. That is the only way out that i figure out myself. Thanks God.


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