I thought......

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I thought... i can express everything in here because i am so lazy to hold my pen or pencil and write it in my journal. It is easier to have it here in this blog, my daily journal. However, i realize it is a bit difficult to do. Maybe it is not the time yet to share what i faced now and what is the things that i experienced and keep lingering in my head. Nevermind... let it be.......

Anyway, i will keep on write and share something in here, don't worry... I will not let this blog empty.. I need to fill it with Hope, Faith & Love. It is a beautiful thing to share right? To lift up somebody else day! As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, "Smile, because love start with smile".... so start up our day with smiles ya. Happy day and have a blessing days ahead. God loves YOU!


  1. i thought the same sis. last time when i was still computer-blind, very the rajin i wrote in diary. nw, cant even hold a pen too long :p

  2. so true la sis... lenguh kan tangan if hold pen too long now... can't even write continously one page..(",)

  3. hehehe....so manjak we anak2 nowadays ;p

  4. Oli--nangpun...nasib dah ada laptop kedirik..mun cam zaman late 90s dolok anggup pegi CC bah ... he he he


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