Living Life

We choose our own path in our life. To be better or stay the same as where we are now and before. It's our own choice. It is in our hands.
A beutiful lake on the ridge of Crocker Range t Tomani, Tenom....
Exploring the world and seeing so many things happen in between gives so much learning experience. Seeing the beauty of the forest with the green trees, amazing creatures (plants and animals), refresh air, cool and refreshing clean and clear water, enjoying the sounds of nature and so many great things to be mention. Makes me realize how wonder is the God's creation for us to appreciate and protect it from being destroyed.

An old woman planting paddy...... alone by herself... Keep smile on her face...
Connected and get to know the people living by the forest reminds me of myself where i come from. Who i am before. There is nothing to be ashamed to be part of this life before. Planting paddy and sago as the main source of income and to make a living. Appreciate and thanks be to God for giving me a chance to living in such a difficult condition. He make me ready to see it in others when i live my life better, for now. To make me understand and comfort others that i found along my journey which is in the same situation where i experienced before.
Another old woman carrying firewoods from the forest... by herself after her husband died a few years ago....
When i saw this old ladies working so hard to make sure they still have a spoon of rice tomorrow morning really touch my heart. They are old, never complaint of living like that because they know they already doing their very best to survive until the end. To let their children grow up and make a better life on their own. Sacrifices. But what about us? Still complain eventhough we have enough food and money to buy anything we want?

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
I am so grateful that i don't have so much money but you gave me a compassionate heart. A heart that have love to share with others. It's not mine o Lord, it is all yours. Use me as your instrument of your love. Let it be done as you want it to be done. Amen.


  1. Hi Rose, love the pics you took. Since school days I have always love mountain trekking. Hoping one day to trek the mountain in Sabah, if not Mount Kinabalu, any one will do. If you are planning a trip of mountain trekking with friends, let me know. Maybe I can join you guys... :D

  2. Alee--Thanks for loving all these photos... If we arrange a trip to Mount Climb i will inform you. Do you have FB? I can add you in my frens list and maybe easier to update with you... Have a blessing days...


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