Munah - A Cat Next Door

Taken on 2nd Sept 2010 morning at about 0615 hrs
What so special about this fella? I love cats since i was a kid but somehow i get asthma when i was about 3 or 4 years old because of the cat's fur. After that my parents did not allowed me to get too close with furry furry animals but still i kept one or two when i am in primary school.

Munah is a cat next door. She always visit me either early in the morning or late in the afternoon just before dark. I like playing with her because she is soooo damn cute and naughty cat though. I love the way she is, just perfect cat to be loved. These few days i didn't see her around. Miss her already. So, i ask the owner (my neighbor's daughter), where is Munah? I did not see her around this week. She told me that Munah is sick. Pity for this little fella. I hope she will get better soon and i miss to play around with her. She like to play hide and seek while i am doing my gardening at the backyard of my house. She will hide behind the lemon grass leaves and i will just pretend that i did not see her and keep on calling her name. Ha ha ha... Must be my neighbors laughing at me if they saw me playing with this fella just like playing with little kid. Nevermind, i just want to enjoy the moments with her.

I hope she will getting better soon and i love this cat very much even though it is not mine. Thanks to my neighbor for letting this fella to accompany me sometime. Get well soon, MUNAH.


  1. i like cat too..just adopt new kitten today! nice to know u rose.

  2. Ku tag Munah dlm fb ku..ku suka PUSAK....

  3. Vivain--good one for you...i hope i can get one of my own end of this year..
    Den--tag jak...kiut bah si Munah ya... sian nya sakit kinek tok. Sik mok makan...n murung jak nya...


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