Aerobic Dance

Feel like want to do some aerobic dance but don't know where and how. At last search online video from You Tube and i get some ideas. I really miss my old days back to 2007-2008 in Bintulu where my friend and I keep on attending aerobic class at D'Oasis. When i am moving to this new work place, they have aerobic group but it's too many people attended it and most of them are housewives. Never mind, here is some videos that i found that i may want to follow it for my own aerobic at home.. ha ha ha.. at last i decided to do it by myself at home. Learn how to do some steps and who knows i can make another aerobic groups for single working ladies. Okay, here is some of my selections:



  1. Kak Rose, there's a newly opened one around new parkcity area. Led by a guy named Jimmy. Not bad also and cheaper than oasis. Wish u're still in Bintulu. hehe

  2. Oli, that is really a good news la. I wish i am still working in Btu oso owh.. Huhuhu.. Sini susah bah langsung teda exercise and sometimes i join guys main basketball & squash.

    Since when u work in Btu? Sayang la, kalau tidak ada geng gi aerobic.. dulu sanggup pegi sorang2... :-)

  3. Started in March last year. Setahun lebih dah sini kak rose. if you ever come tu bintulu again, let me know k. mana tau boleh minum2 kopi sambil makan kaki ayam spring garden. hehe

  4. Owh duhal... selisih kita sis.. Aku jalan Jan last year... bah, lak mun aku ada menyiggah Btu, carik kau k.. Will pvt my hp no di FB.. Kaki ayam kamek sik pandei gilak makan tp minum kopi nang no.1.. ha ha ha


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