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My friend, Suzie and i were so eager to learn Tagalog until we keep on practice it in the office. Sometimes we comments each other status in Facebook using Tagalog as if we are mastering the language. Feel a little bit funny when some of our friends doesn't understand the language and they thought we were already expert with the language. The truth is... i am a beginner and my secret is... i am using GOOGLE TRANSLATE to translate from English to Tagalog. However, the translator keep on doing grammar mistakes. So, i keep on making error in the sentence that i want to make.

Okay, here is some site that i find a few information on learning Tagalog. These website were recommended by a few of my ITALKI friends. This is my profile in Italki if you want to add me in this language networking site. I known as ROSE RAGAI there.. (",). Meanwhile, these are my new friends that help me with my learning in this site:
There were some more but these are some of them. They are so helpful and i learn a lot from them. But what i can say is that, my memory is not that good, so i only can memorize certain words only and most of the times i forgot. He he he.... Need more practice and sometimes i jot down the words on a paper and stick it on my desktop cpu. Here is one of the helpful site that can be use to learn Tagalog. It's call TAGALOG. Feel free to visit the site through the link. Find it yourself if you want to know whether this site help you with Tagalog or not.

I think that is all about the new language that i want to learn. Why i want to learn about this language is that, Suzie and I wish to visit Philippines in future (not sure when). As for me, i want to visit old churches and historical sites of the country and also Smoky Mountain, Manila. Okay, enough about it. Will share more about this vacation when i feel want to write about it.. (^_____*).



  1. yah..nang rajin!! anyway..goodluck. practice make perfect!

  2. *counter-visit*

    Nice site! Coffee drinkers rock! :-)

    is it difficult to learn tagalog? im learning hindi using google translator too. wishes to one day visit Bollywood. hehe

  3. Vian--practice makes purrfect... tp kadang2 mun dah datang malas alu berminggu2 sik terpraktis.. he he he..

    Coffee Girl--Thanks ya! I love Old town White Coffee... he he... (sempat!). Tagalog? nang semput juak mun dah datang mode bengong ya alu sik terpolah ayat... Bollywood? kompeni tpt kamek keja ownernya dr India..ramei la juak kaum kerabat sidak sitok..mala jak dengar sidak kelaka Hindi.... paham jak sik.. he he.. good luck to u too... (",)


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