She's On Duty The Movie

Datang balit dah gila ku nangga cita Korea tok eh.. Tok aku jumpa di laman tek. Rindu mok nangga cita Korea alulah becarik cita online terjumpa la cita tok. Tok la serba sikit pasal sinopsis cita tok:

Stephen Chow's Fight Back to School, re-set it in an all-girl's school in Korea, and add a sexy female protagonist, and you'll have some idea of what writer/director Park Kwang-choon (Madeleine)has in store for you in his entertaining action comedy, She's On Duty! Kim Seon-ah (S Diary, Wet Dreams) plays a female detective who has to go deep undercover as a high schooler in order to thwart a plot by the Japanese Yakuza to traffic teenage girls as sex slaves! Not content to save just the girls from a life of prostitution, Kim's character even lends a hand in squashing in-school violence, giving a performance that has earned raves from nostalgic audiences longing for the "good ol' days" of high school. Also featuring performances by Gong Yoo (My Tutor Friend), Nam Sang-mi (Too Beautiful to Lie), and Park Sang-myeon (My Wife is a Gangster), She's On Duty is one film that goes straight to the head of the class! 

Dibah tok ku engkah semua videonya nok ku ambik dari mysoju (yahoo video) sak kitakirg boleh nangga terus sitok.. he he... enjoy nangga cita tok ngan aku ok.. (",).... Tapi sayang ada sik berapa clear juak videonya tok. Layan jak lah ho... 

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