Take 5 -- Coffee Time

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I need a 15 minutes break. Need to sip my favourite coffee, Old Town White Coffee.

My brain can't think of what else to put in this presentation. It is a 3 hours talk and can i just talk nonsense? Ha ha ha... Nope, can not do that. The information must be based on the correct facts. Can't just simply doing it for the sake to finish it quick. Okay... enough mumbling here, need to continue with my work and keep on enjoying my coffee. How about you? (",)

P/s: Coffee Girl & O.l.i.v.e, come let's drink!!



  1. Aiseh... baru nanga invitation tok. Aiseh... terlepas aku... aiseh... Pagi tadik aku nak tinggal komen, sik dpt indah... aiseh...


  2. Coffee Girl -- Buli bah kalau kau... (ala2 Sabahan).. :-)

  3. Ok if i singgah KK saya bagi kamu call buli ka? *tuntut* Hehe

  4. Hey... sure..KOPI TENOM is waiting for you...
    just inform me if you are going to KK.. will pvt you my number.. he he... but, for yr info i am not at KK town yeah, i work where 2 hours drive to get to KK..

  5. exactly the invitation ive been waiting for! *aiseh... aku lambat lagi response* - how come the emails tak prompt me ho?

  6. he he he.... madah mun datang sabah.. lak mun sikpat g tenom, ku embak berbakul2 kopi tenom pakey ko... he he he...

  7. Hahaha... kopi tenom dah ku beli. boleh pos lagi? sik cukup! sorry i didnt get in touch with you, so the rushing here and there


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