What So Special About Today? 20.10.2010

Not so much special things happen. The best thing so far for today is, i am not having problem with sleepy mode in the office today. I didn't take my 3 in 1 coffee but only Kopi "O". Good day for that.

Went back home and working on my little garden. Aiyah, my garden is so messy now. The weeds and grass is higher than some of the veggies. Work on it till dark, but still can not finish it all. Hope i can continue working on it tomorrow. Lady fingers seems to be grow well but need to water it everyday because the weather is very hot now.

Just after i finish my gardening and watering the plants, i saw Munah is sitting not far from me. I didn't notice that she was observing me doing my work in the dark. So, after washing my hand i played with her for a while. She is not that active like before and not so naughty like before. She seems to be more quite now. But. still we play a little bit before i ask her to go back home and i am done too.

That's all for the day of 20.10.2010... (^___^)



  1. Kopi O. Good girl! :-) The doctor wud be so proud of you and so will I! eh... sik perasan hari tok 20102010 ooooo...

  2. CG--Thanks again. Mok kurangkan gula la tok tapi sik mok kurangkan kopi. Makin agik minum kopi Tenom nang sikpat lari dari kopu. Bah, if ko ada melawat Sabah esp Sipitang, let me know about yr trip. Lak embak kitak makan satay Sipitang n Kopi Tenom... :-)


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