Yay! I am so glad that i made it to Fatt Choi Coffee Corner at Tenom town on 12th November. It was great being there and Ah Li, the Fatt Choi lady really entertain us with quite interesting info about coffee. I may say that i am addicted to coffee. In one day i must take three cup of coffee (at least). Especially if i am working i need coffee. He he he.. (alasan ja ba tu, padahal memang mau minum kupi pun). Okay, here is some of photos that i took during our visit.

This is the front view of the coffee corner
The counter selling Tenom coffee products.
The four packs on the cashier table is mine.. he he he
Close up some of the products of Fatt Choi. Now i know that the
100% coffee is more tasteful than the others that mixed with
majerine and sugar when they roasted the beans. 
The old fashion or antique coffee bean grinder
When you visit here, you can have one of these... 
Coffee? Anyone? (",)
Little Rose

P.s: Will arrange a trip to the Fatt Choi Plantation Stay next month. Just for fun!!


  1. You lucky girl you! eh Tenom jauh dr KK kah? boleh bawa aku next time kah? cam best jak. the Starbucks of Tenom ka tok. :-)

  2. He he ... Tenom Starbucks la tok CG.. KK n Tenom agak jauh maybe more than 2 hours drive..maybe around 3 hours drive kali.. if u made it to Sipitang and u tell me early about yr visit, buli ba bawa kau jalan2 sana Tenom.. :-)


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