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Blogwalking and visit Devreny post on this I WANT TO BE A... Feels like to ramble on the same topic as she did. Just to refresh my memories on my ambition before i became who i am now and job that i am doing right now. To start this i would like to TAG a few of my friends to write the same posts because i feel its good to share bah kan. (^__^)... Here is my buddies lists, seven in a row:
*No rules to be follow, just write anyway you wanted it to be. Just tag any of your friends if you feels like to keep this game going. (^__*) ... Let's start!

When i was still a little child, i want to become a DOCTOR. Every time my primary teacher asks me what is my ambition, i will proudly said that i want to become a doctor. Why? Because i want to treat my parents. They are old and always sick, so i want to become a doctor and can help them, can cure them and make sure they are healthy.

The ambitions keep on going until my secondary school and when i get my flying colours result in my PMR i am stick with my ambition. Only a slight specific because i want to become a SURGEON. Still the same field though. Medical.

Things change after i get my SPM results. A little bit frustrated because i only got C6 for my Biology. So, i know that there will be no chance for me to enter uni and pursue my ambition. But, actually i still have another chance when i enter Pre-u (matriculation) and i  took Life Science course at college. But, then my results is not so good-lah. Only manage to enter Uni and took Conservation Biology  course. No more DOCTOR for me. The ambition ends there.

After took Conservation Biology course, my next dream is to become a well-known CONSERVATIONIST. It was because i inspired by the initiatives that has been done by quite number of amazing people. I just feel like i want to contribute as much as i can to do more conservation work in Malaysia especially in Sabah & Sarawak. However, the dreams paused/stopped for a few years because i failed to get any job in this field. For three years i am doing something else, insurance, clerical, teachings all sort of jobs that i don't like to do. Doing it just for the sake of making money for a living.

The door for my dream to become a CONSERVATIONIST is open again when i get a chance to work with one of my favourite (admire his work so much since my uni) Conservationist, Mr. Rob. Having a great time and experiences while i am working with him for three years. The great years as a Conservationist. However, when he quit from the company, i am lost for a while with the new head. The situation change and the most missing part is that, no more motivation and urge to work with the heart of a conservationist that i collect while i am working with Mr. Rob. So i decided to leave and find something else and move to another adventure in life. I will not saying that this job as CONSERVATIONIST is end here because it will keep on continues because it is related with the current job that i am doing. The only thing that change is that, i don't want to become a well-known/famous conservationist anymore. Just ordinary person but the work that i am doing giving impacts to the people/communities. That is my wish for now.  

It's about now then...Hmmm... Now, i am working for the people. For the local communities living aside forests. People that depends so much with land and forests. Making living as a farmers, planting paddy, rubber tapper and collecting forests products. My views about life also grow as my spirituality also grow. The most important things that i need to do for the time that left for me on this earth is to make sure i serve His people with the strength and wisdom that He gave me. To help rural people by develop their skills and capacity building, helping them to develop any other source for uplift their socio-economic. It is important to teach them how to fish rather than giving them fish and leave them alone. This world is now a challenging world. The riches and powerful keep on overpowered and make used of 'orang kampung' for their own good. Their dependents on lands and forests makes me feel that they need to look after their forests and lands so that they still can have it for their next2 generation. Sustainability and proper management by their own people to their own lands and forests is the key but they don't have skills and enough knowledge to do it by themselves alone. So, that is my call now. To work together with them and improve their skills and knowledge together.

Okay, that's all i can share about my ambitions and what happen next in my life? I am not sure. I only knows that, i am doing what is the best to serve God. Anywhere and what He want me to do, is what i am doing now.

How about you my dear friends? We have different perspectives in this life. Sharing is Caring! Caring is Loving! So, share some of your thoughts and feel free to leave comments too. Good day!

Little Rose


  1. Aku main2 jak tok Den.. ko polah jak entry dengan tajuk nok sama dgn aku then kau polah link dgn nama2 kawan2 ko nok ko mok tag.cam nok ku polah di post ku tok. then ko madah dgn geng2 ko nok ko tag ya by comments to their post.. cam ku komen di blog post ko tek... cam ya jak.. lamak dah ku sik main tag2 tok so saja la tok.. he he

  2. Aish... kenak tag eh. haha. lamak sik kenak tag. ok lemme see if i remember how... but does it have to be about ambition? sik semestinya nak? oh wait for it... in the next post! hehe

  3. awww....this is a very nice post kak rose. work for the people, sincerely and humbly for Him. Love it a lot! :) I must say, i envy u (in a good way)

  4. Hai Rose,
    TQ for visiting my blog.
    Ur blog is great :)
    Put you in my list too and follow :)

  5. CG--lamak dah sik main tag-mengetag bah alu lah polah kedirik tek follow thru si Devreny empun post. Just write whatever you like tapi if possible about what you what to be masa u masih budak2 till now what happen.. buli bah kan? :-)

    Sis Oli--Thanks a lot..Not easy bah this work because to follow Jesus we need to carry our cross kan so, very much challenging things have to be faced. Sis, you don't want to play this tag game kah? You write about yours too la sis. Keep the tagging bejalan.. he he he..

    Stella--Thanks for dropping by and leave comments. Glad that met another new blogger friend. Will keep on visiting you after this. Take care and God bless. :-)

  6. Pok bila mok abis thesis writing ko???? Iboh lama2...

  7. thanks Rose for spreading this entry 'title' ^___^...by the way, I am so happy to know u're helping people by giving them knowledge/skills to improve their life. Good luck in ur job now as well as ur future undertaking ^_^

  8. Den--Belom siap gik pok...huhuhu...

    Dev--He he he.. Blogwalking and find out yr interesting post so, spread it to other friends too.. Thanks for yr words of encouragement and hope the same with u too. God bless and Blessed Sunday!

  9. sis rose, I want tp lom ada masa mau korek idea ni. wait ah... in few days, i'll do my part :)

  10. Sis Oli-- Not in a hurry... just take your time and korek jgn tak korek...Take care sis and looking forward yr sharing lah pulak.. :-)

  11. digging u from oliv. such a great blog u hv..

  12. Lena--thanks for drop by and thanks for like my blog.. :-)


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