I Can't Sleep

I can not sleep. Went to my kitchen and saw left over of my red wine. Hmmm... since i can't sleep, i want to have a few sips of my red wine. With hope i can sleep well after this. Hmmmph... But after a while, still can't sleep, so decided to blog, but my mind can not focus on anything that i can blog about. At last i write what is going on now. Huh! Not much interesting things to be shared here.

Is this one of the youth that join our camp describe as "Brain Freeze"..?? Maybe it is... ha ha ha ha...

Haiyah.. really can not write anything and don't know what to do now.. Maybe i log out my laptop and tried to sleep.

Night All!! God bless!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Try 2 glasses instead of a few sip... :-) Dah ok tek? u overdosed kopi kah apa?

    Gnite Rose!


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