Morning With Joy

As i woke up, i heard my "miao" sounds so loud in the living room. I really can't stand her voice because she keep on making sounds. Never stop even i already gave her food, water and clean her litter box. I played with her and she will still moving around actively, for sure never stop meowing. I can't understand what else she wants. I look at her eyes, and she looks back at me with the sad face because i scold her for her bad behaviour. My house is a mess because of her.

Hmmm... This morning, when i ready to go to work, i told her that i am leaving for work. She insists to go outside the house and she make it while i am busy taking my shoes. The main door is open and she just slipped out . I am looking for her under my car and there she is hiding next to my car engine. Really scare me but lucky that i am aware of it and check my car engine before i start my car. I have to push her to ask her to get out from there. Scold her a fe times but i know that she will not understand what am i saying. What else can i do to prevent her from making this silly action? Her action will harm herself.

Anyway, i off to work after that. While she keep on meowing in the house when i lock her inside. I need to finish her cage @ home that i suppose to get it ready before Christmas. Not sure what will her actions and behaviour if i put her in a cage as her new house.

Till then, that i the story of my morning with Joy. Hope you guys have a very good start and wonderful morning. God bless our day and let there be peace in this world!

With Love,
Little Rose 


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