Win big prizes like Macbook Air and iPhone4 with MILO Fuze!

I am so crazy about gadgets lately. I came to know that there is a clearance stock by Apple Store Malaysia one day sale but then i drop out my desire to get one iPod for myself. Yay! Then my friend saw one questionnaire evaluation by government on their website and the rewards is iPad. I can not afford to buy it myself since i don't have so much savings to get one any of it yet (means that if i save some money, i still can have one ma..haiyah!)... So, today i saw one campaign at and it is also giving away reward another few gadgets by Apple. There is a possibilities to get one ma... Just give myself a try okay. :-)

Here is the campaign:

Tag your friends who match these personalities, play 3 fun games and win big prizes like Macbook Air and iPhone4with MILO Fuze!

Who is the biggest geek among your Facebook friends? How about the most busybody? The shy one? The prettiest of all? A rockstar? Tag your friends who fit in these personalities to let them know! Also, if you want to win prizes like Macbook Pro, iPhone 4, iPad, and Playstation 3, simply beat the high score of these 3 fun games and the prizes will be yours! 

So, try this game to grab one of those... I will try for myself too... Wish me luck guys!!!

With Love,
Little Rose


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