Life Choices

Life is all about choices. Good or bad? Right or wrong? At some point the choices that you make is so good but yet at the end it is not that good as time flies. At certain time you feel that the choices you make are right but at some point, there were something wrong about it. This is life our self desires sometimes can completely influence our choice. It can make us never feel satisfied in anything we have, anything we have been given and accomplish in this life.

Can we just be grateful that God has given us so much but yet we never grateful of having it? Hmm.. This is just a random thoughts of mine when my mind is keep on thinking and can’t sleep well, can’t eat well, can’t do much of my work well too..

Just to share a little bit of photo search from GOOGLE with you guys. Perhaps some of you face the situation same as me now. So that I know that I am not alone... (^____^)...

Is it about worldly pulls? Self desires?
Family? Friends? GOD?

Is this how it is?
At the end, it depends on what choices that we make....

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I'm agree the you rose... Absolutely true... God give us free will to choose... To follow the world or to follow His words... Mostly, people will follow the world... It happening to everyone else... It happening to me too... And that's why we need to strengthening ourself and keep remind that the world is just about to reach its end... Then only we will make a right choice... Amen.

  2. Make the choice of your life... it's always like that. You either get up from bed or dont. whatever it is, there will be consequences.

    Happy holidays Rose!

  3. @MosePA -- Yes it is. God gave us FREE WILL... it's up to us to choose our path in this life. To follow His Will or this world... God bless you and Happy Holiday!

    @CG -- I just get up from bed... he he he.. Thanks for the wish n Happy Holiday to u too... Oh ya.. i am going to Kch on 13th.. Coffee?


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