Tanging Yaman

My friend and I, Suzie San is a little bit crazy about Tagalog language. Perhaps we can speak more of the language but it's quite difficult we do not have any discipline to practice the language regularly. 

That is not the main reason why i post this soundtrack here. Last Wednesday, one of my buddy, Steph suddenly came to me after Holy Hour at church. She told me she got something to give me. I am a little bit curious at first. Then she show me the VCD of Tagalog movie title Tanging Yaman. Since i am also a bit crazy of Tagalog movie, so i agreed to borrow it from her. She also mention to me that, this movie have Catholic approach in it. Then, she also ask me whether i did watch Three Wise Men? But i did not see it yet too. 

So, when i went back home, i am still wondering what is this movie about and why suddenly my friend ask me to watch it? Still not got it... At the same night, actually my friend. Suzie give me a few spiritual books and ask me to pick one to read. What is actually happen that night after Holy Hour? I don't know... 

I only watch the movie last night, Thursday night. I burst in tears from the beginning of the story until the end of it. LOVE is the only reason that can uniting people. MONEY, if we become slave of it, it will divide us... family, friends, even we can forgot about HIM our provider. This is the message that i get and this movie is really something. If you are Catholic and you will understand more of what is actually going on with the grandma. 

Find this movie in you tube because i think there is some upload in YT. You will learn something and touched by this movie. I am sure, especially if you have problem in your family. 

That is all about my sharing for the day. Watch the video but unlucky there is no subtitle. Find friends to translate it for you then. Till then may God bless us all and let show love to people around us, even it is sometimes hard/difficult to do, but with God's grace, we can feel the love in our heart and share it with our family, friends, all of people surrounds us. 

God bless and have a great weekend!

With Love,
Little Rose  


  1. Belajar jak rajin2, ney tauk dpt jodoh dari kalangan Tagalog speakers...

  2. Ha ha ha.. sik mok ku cik... biar blajar kelaka jak tp sik mok ku sangkut.... mihahahaa... wey, i am in kch now.... ngeee.. ;-)


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