Safe & Sound

At last i arrived safely in Kuching. Thanks for my dear friend that make his time to fetch me at the airport even though i have to wait for him more than one hour. But, i have great time at the airport because there are so many things that i saw/observed while i sit quietly and at the same time playing with my mobile phone.

People arrived, big & small size, adult & kids, bright & black skin colours, curly & straight hairs, smiling faces and even serious faces. So many expressions in the faces. Waiting for loved ones to arrived, family & friends. Hey! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, perhaps some are waiting for their loved ones to celebrate valentines together tomorrow. Kids are waiting eagerly for their daddy to arrived. What a nice things to see when the daddy arrived, he hug his wife and kiss his daughter forehead. It is really amazing when they still embrace their love even their kids is already big. Must be a 20 years marriage, i may say. Wonderful things to see those people are still in deep love at the very 'matured' marriage.

Most of the people that waiting seems to be very excited waiting for the person that they are waiting for. Perhaps for the arrival person, they also feel the same, very excited to meet their loved one.

While Mr. Driver, also waiting for one English couple. I saw the sign in his hand is Mr. & Mrs. Moore. The couple arrived and saying hello to that man and greet him. Luggage exchange hand walk toward the car. one hour and a half, i observed various things especially expression in the faces.

When my friend arrived, we had our breakfast at 11am.. Ha ha ha.. Quite late for a breakfast but i really miss eating 'Mi Kolok Kuching'. I had one 'mee kolok' and a cup of 'Teh O'. I am full but still feel not very well, i had flu and sore throat since yesterday. Maybe because of the weather. Had a walk with my friends for a while then, i check in my room. Rest and continue with my work later. Still waiting for another friend's mum to contact me. Another things to settle. I am lucky though having so many great  friends around me. They are really helpful and i really really appreciate the friendship that we have.

Till then. Need to rest and hopefully my flu will go away. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

With Love.
Little Rose


  1. Ok...tok baru OK!!! ish ko merik aku ngidam gilak...ko dah makan mi kolok...aku ada 3 bulan gi...lapar lapar

  2. aku pn suka kt airport ya, nanggabyk ragam org sia

  3. aku suka scenario kedak havoc!

  4. Hi Rose! Happy belated Valentine! :-) sine u tek? gik ada di kuching?


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