True Confession #1 - I am a K-Drama Crazy

I am crazy about Korean Drama. I may say that if there is Korean drama old or new, i will watch it. But still i am choosy of what is the story about. I prefer something funny and more to story about family. Actually before this i watch this K-Drama series in NTV7 or 8TV or TV3. But then, the internet is working so well and there a re quite a few websites that i can watch online. Here are three of website that i used to watch this K-Drama.
  1. - Watch Asian Drama Online (This one is not working very well with my internet connection right now. But, this site is the first one that i always use to watch online K-Drama before. There are a lot of drama series, Korean, Japanese & Taiwan.)
  2. - Feeding your drama addiction (I did watch some of the K-Drama here but still not so good. Loading and buffering and not so good quality of the video. However, i must thank this site because i can watch K-Drama here for free... )
  3. maaduu (This is the most recent site that shows only K-Drama & K-Pop. So, no other series rather than Korean. I have no problem watching here in this site. I get to know about this site through FB. Out of these three, the most preferred website to watch K-Drama online is this site, besides, it's FREE.. (",)..
Not only watching online, i did some DVD/VCD collections of K-Dramas but still a few. Not only K-Drama, actually i did have a collection of Korean Movie DVD/VCD as well.

The most recent K-Drama that i watch is this lovely story. It is a touching story about six siblings that have to move on with their life after the death of their parents in one horrible car accident. If you want to watch this drama, it is still not up in maaduu but you can search in mysoju. I bought a pirated DVD from Kuching during my visit to Kuching last week but the 3 CD is not working very well. I can not watch Episode 16 - 20. Quite a frustration and i have to look for it in mysoju to watch the ending of this story. Here i share the OST of this K-Drama titled : Stars Falling From Sky (There are various title of this drama when translated into English). 

Enjoy watching it peeps!!

With Love,
Little Rose

P.s: The 1st series of my True Confession


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