Aerobic Dance Class

I got a problem. Suddenly i feel that i don't know what to do? We get the room for two days every week, on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour each day. My problem is, i am not confident that i can conduct the class. Hmm... lack of confident because it has been more than two years i didn't join or practice my aerobic steps.

Now, i am not sure i can make it or not. It was lucky that the class is only for me and a few of my friends. If it is open for others then i have to work hard finding steps to be used.

To find steps i search throughout the websites and found some of that interesting but still, i am not sure if i can follow it through. But, boleh2lah mengkali ni. This is two of video that i was attracted to... Warm up and cooling down steps for Zumba..

Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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