Today was a tiring day for me. Since yesterday i was attending Leadership and Team Building Course. But i still need to prepare for my programme with youth tomorrow. Yesterday, after finish our course, my friend and i need to rush to get the paddy husks at Kg. Bangsal. Then with another friend i went to town, buying all the materials that we need for the programme. From one shop to another, looking for all the materials and at the end i was really exhausted.

Today, finish the training and we do another preparation at the office. Wah, only two of us doing the preparation.    I always like things to be well prepared but this time with only a very limited time, our preparation is a little bit messy. See, i still not finish with my power point presentation. Still need to do some touch up, here and there.

Now, i am tired and need some sleep first. I will try to wake up sometime at 3am to continue with my presentation. Till then yah! I need to rest, my brain won't work very well now.....

With Love,
Little Rose


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