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Top Spin Souvenior

I did mention about souveniors for the invited speakers in my previous post Saturday Morning. I also promise i will share about it in my next post. Here it is.

On Saturday morning, Pak Cik Hamit can not finish all 11 pieces of top spin so he asks me to collect it on Sunday morning. After church on Sunday, my friend and i went to his house and collect all 11 pieces with six different types/ shape of top spin. Actually it is for pen holder with top spin on it. All six design/ shape have its own uniqueness with different names. See by yourself and you will amazed by his creativity and amazing hand work.

This is cost me only RM17.00 each. Quite an affordable and worth price to buy. He manage his business from home and it is called Hj. Hamit Souvenir. Malaysian Craft is in process of helping him to develop his business. I am happy for him because there is government agencies willing to help him out. Now he have his own trading license for him to sell all his products.

I always wish him the …

I am Back: Safe & Sound

I am back and i miss my blogging world. He he he.. See, i am crazy about blogging again. This three days is really a challenging experience but yet still an interesting observation and input that i have from a lots of people that i met.

Our journey to get to the workshop venue is just like a 4 X 4 Road Challenge. Rough gravel road because of the non-stop raining season. Even though it was really a bad road but still i am thankful to God because He is with us. Protect us from all the accidents or anything bad happen throughout our journey. Thank you Jesus.

Anyway, it was a successful programme with a lot of contribution from the organizing team and also our partners from government agencies and NGO. Participants also exceeds from the targeted numbers but yet still we manage well.

So, a very BIG THANKS to all organizing team, partners and participants that giving their 100% support and participation throughout the event. I hope we can do something after this workshop. Something that ben…

Away to Long Mio, Sipitang

I will be away again for three days starting from today until Wednesday. It will be a long journey to Long Mio. It might takes us about 3 hours plus to get there using 4WD on the gravel road. This time we are not staying in the village, we will be staying at the Long Mio Eco-Ethno Agrotourism Resort. Located about 30 minutes drive from the village itself. We are there not for fun, it will be an event organized by us. Yai! I really hope it will be okay throughout the workshop. This is the resource management workshop for the community around that area. We are working together with the related government agencies and NGOs.

Not sure where is this place. Have a look at this maps.

Sorry for the low quality of the photos. Anyway, you can search it for yourself at Google Map. But, it will be spell as Long Miau and it is wrong spelling. It is suppose to be Long Mio.

I really hope that we will have a great time and meaningful workshop with the communities. This is the first time we organized su…


With Love, Little Rose

Saturday Morning

Feel very lazy to wake up because i suppose to be off today. But, because of the preparation for the workshop next week i have to change my off day to next Saturday. Hmmm... Another sacrifice for my work? I think so... If i did not do it, there will be only my workmate in the office today. Still quite a lot preparations to be done.

I need to get the certificate frames and souvenirs done by today. I will share the photos of this crafts for you guys to see when i get it. This old man is a craftsman. He is making top spin and i may say he is a famous top spin makers left in this districts and maybe for the whole Sabah. Once he was interviewed by RTM Malaysia and they have him on the shows. I can not remember what shows what that.

Later i will share a little bit about him. In my next post.

Until then, i want to wish all of you a blessed weekend!!

With Love,
Little Rose

Good Friday Mass

As i entered the church today, there were a lots of people. The church seats were full until outside of the church. Come silly questions in my head. Where is these people every Sunday or during Holy Hour on Wednesday? Where are they hiding? Are these people coming to church only when there is a big occasions happen in the church?

Then i realize, i did skip my Sunday Mass sometime. The most common reason is "WORKING". Since today is Public Holiday in Sabah and Sarawak, i think that is why a lots of people can attend this Good Friday celebration in the church today. Praise be to God because there is still a lot of people following you Jesus.

My experienced today is very.... how to describe it? I can not described it by words because quite a lots of things lingering in my mind. When we were about to kiss the CROSS, i was cry for Him. I was cry for His help. He was died for me and i am crying for His help. I am not sure what is this all about. I don't know what is actually i…

Born of Hope - Full Movie



With Love,
Little Rose

Flying Soccer?

Still remember that i told you guys that i played futsal for the first time on 2nd April 2011? I did wrote a post about it. Anyway, what you see above is one of my crazy action during our match. I am not stepping on the ground... But actually, still i miss the ball. Ha ha ha..
With Love, Little Rose

Samsung Wave 723

One of my wishlist and got it! Yey!
Read more about this gadget at Mobile Gazette. What say you about this Smartphone?
With Love, Little Rose

It's a Beautiful Sunset at Sipitang


My Journey #3 -- The Village View (Long Pasia)

I captured a few photos of Long Pasia while i am walking around the village. This village is a Lundayeh village. Quite a numbers of the villagers married to other ethnics such as Dusun and Penan. From the language (dialect) and conversation with some of them, i get to know there are combinations of Lundayeh from Indonesia and Sarawak in this village. If it is Indonesian, there are from Kayan Mentarang (can not remember the name of the villages).. Meanwhile, if it is from Sarawak, they are from Long Semadoh and other areas in Lawas and Limbang. Quite an interesting communities.

To reach this village it takes about four hours using 4-wheel drive on a gravel road. There are 10 home stays in this village and cost you about RM35 per night per head. It includes meals. Most of the food are kampong's food especially the veggies.

The main activities in this village is HUNTING. They also farming (planting paddy and vegetables) and rearing buffalo.
As a results of their excessive hunting activ…

My Journey #2 -- Lundayeh's & Murut's with The Hunting Dogs

When i first came to Sabah, a friend told me a story of how Murut's and Lundayeh's people treasured their hunting dogs more than everything else. These hunting dogs will have the privileged such as riding on motorcycle, on a lorry, and even they will carry the dog in their arms. Once i saw a couple on their way back from the farm and the husband carry the puppy (with some adults hunting dogs) in his arms and let their kids (about 6 or 7 years old) walk by his side. I also saw a guy on his motorcycle and the dog is at his back inside the basket (sikutan la ba itu..).. The scenario is quite interesting to see. This huntings dogs can cost up till RM1000 per one dog. They are expensive hey. If you drive in Murut's or Lundayeh's village be careful okay, don't you ever hit these dogs. If you did, the penalty will cost you up to RM500 per dog. Alright, here is some photos of the doggies from my latest visit to Lundayeh's & Murut's villages at Ulu Padas, Sipita…

My Journey #1 -- Cute Little Faces of Lundayeh People

As i walk though and meeting new people i was attracted by these little cute faces. There is joy and happiness in their faces. The day is seems to be no worries and the smile can brighten up your day.

With Love, Little Rose

Pasta Time with My Dear Friend

This story is an outdated story. I already share it in my FB but i was away for an outstation duty so i did not update it here in my blog. It is okay for me because i blog when i feel free and share my stories.

On the day before i leave for my outstation duty, my friend Amy was asking me if i know how to make pasta? Opss... this is western food and i am a kampong girl, so what do you expect? I will say we have to follow the recipe. Since Amy have recipe book on making pasta, we bought the ingredients following the recipe written in the book. I think all and all she spend about RM40+ buying all the ingredients.

While i only bought orange juice, Pokka brand. I have bad experience when i am buying this drinks at G-Mart Supermarket. The price tag was written RM5.50 and it was next to the Pokka drink. I admit it was my fault that i only read the price no the whole thing written on that tag. That price is actually for Nestle yogurt drinks. There were no price tag for that Pokka which cost m…

I will be away for four days....

I will be away visiting three different villages at Ulu Padas from today until Thursday. If our work finish early then we can leave on Wednesday. I am not so excited with this trip but always hoping things will work well. This will be my first visit staying overnight at Long Pasia and maybe we will also have to stay at Long Mio and  Meligan. I am not so happy to stay in the village because i always faced the situation where i need to pretend that i am married. Huh! Not only that, i dislike when i need to be a pretender/ hypocrite a little bit when i am with these people. If i am too good with them, they may like me more and they wish that i can be part of their family (you know what i mean right?)... But if i am not good with them (jual mahal la ni...), something not good will happen. So, i need to be so-and-so with these people. 
Nevermind, let things happen the way it supposed to be. I believe that Jesus will walk with me. As i know i am not walking alone, i have faith in Him, everyt…


With Love, Little Rose

Visit to Holy Family Residence, Purak, Papar

Yesterday was a great day. Even though all the way to get there, it was raining started from Beaufort until Bongawan and then when we return it was also raining all the way, but we have a great time with the old folks at Holy Family Residence.

It was planned quite a while ago and promoted through Facebook and in our church. Honestly, it was not well planned but the results was so great. It was about 30 of us with combination of youth group, legion of Mary and Christian Family group. We have Fr. Gilbert and Sister Melisa as our spiritual director to lead us. We leaving Sipitang at 1330 hours and arrived Purak at 1530 hrs. It was a little bit late from the actual planning and they are all waiting for us. Anyway, i will not shared most on the programme that we have with them but i will share what touch my heart and what i experienced when i am with them. I have a few photos captured during this visits but will not shared it here for now. Maybe sometime in future will do.

There were about …

True Confession #5 - Good Buddies or Bestfriends

Do you know the meaning of bestfriend (sahabat baik/ rakan karib)? Or i may ask the other way, what is the meaning of bestfriend for you? Or what is the difference between friend and bestfriends? Let me do some confessions here how i classified between friend and bestfriend. I will not use wikipedia or any dictionaries here. This is from my own thoughts and how i make friends and treasure my friendship.

Since my childhood, i have a very great people around me. I have many friends but not all of them can share their joys and sadness with me. Only a few that can spare their times to listen to me (i mean really listen) some are only with me when i am happy. So, this type of friendship is only at FRIEND level. When i am in secondary school there were ups and downs in my friendship. I still remember, i have a very good no, great friend when i am in Form 3. We used to spend a lot of our time together. We having our meal together, walk to our classroom together, outing together, laugh…

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Sister Nesi

Big Sis I Love You © Ranja Kujala
My dear Big Sis, you are the greatest there is, And amazing in everyway. I greatly admire and look up to you, Each and every day.
You are always showing how much you care, From your heart that is filled with love. You are a beautiful Angel, Sent from the heavens above.
I am the luckiest Sis in the world, To have grown up next to you. We played and laughed and had fun together, A great bond that has always stayed true.
Big Sis you are always in my heart & thoughts, And I am always sending you a hug and kiss. You are my world and I love you so much, Always and Forever...
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ON 2nd APRIL...  May God blessings always shower on you and your life will be full of joy and happiness.  I LOVE YOU BIG SISTER.....
With Love, Hugs & Kisses, Your Lil' Sis Rose

How to Stay Young & Enjoying Life

Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay 'them'.
Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. 'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.' And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.
Enjoy the simple things.
Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next country; to a foreign country but NOT to wher…

Korean Drama - Seeking Love

What is current K-Drama  i am watching? Hmm... Now i am watching Seeking Love or Creating Destiny at > maaduu BETA. Not really like this drama but quite okay to watch. This is a love story and as usual it is a love triangle, conflicts between four person and so on. Family matters, works and so on. This drama has 31 episodes. Here is brief synopsis of this drama.

After immigrating to Canada, Sang-eun graduated from law school and becomes an attorney. She plans to marry Alex, an American and fellow attorney, and she introduces him to her folks. But her dad strongly disapproves of Alex and orders her to meet a bachelor in Korea that they picked out for her before she goes ahead and marries Alex. Sang-eun reluctantly flies to Korea whereupon she meets the bachelor at the airport. She and Yeo-jun have a heated argument minutes after they meet each other. Yeo-jun is not ready to get married as he is trying to focus on his career. There's also a young lady who has a secret crush on Yeo…

My Favourite in American Idol 10 (2011)

Do you watch American Idol? Do you crazy about American Idol? Do you have your favourite among 9 of them left now?

I am not watching it like every week but if i got the chance, of course i will watching them. I did have two of my favourite so far. I love their voice (of course) and i love their stage appearance. So relax and humble (is it the right word? i think so)... It give me goosebumps. Ha ha ha ha... Okay here is my choices:

Yep.. she is Lauren Alaina.... Love her voice and she is sweet...

He is Scotty McCreery ... He is cool with his country song and style and he is so charming... :-)

So, that is why i love their duet too... He he he...

So, how about you guys? Who is your favourite? 
With Love, Little Rose

Joy - Kucing Kecilku Keguguran

Sebenarnya rasa macam tak nak buat entri ni tapi tetap juga rasa nak buat sikit perkongsian pengalaman. Dua hari yang lalu iaitu pada hari Selasa, semasa balik dari kerja saya nampak si Joy macam ada restless sikit. Dia macam tak selesa. I hold her and trying to comfort her. Then, i realize that there is something with her stomach. Joy is still very small in size, she only grow a little bit from the day that i took her home. I am very curious with her stomach so, i did try to figure it out and i feel a little bit movement in her stomach. I didn't push or squeeze her stomach just a gentle touch and i feel the movements. With that i thought she had a baby inside her stomach and i was guessing it will be three of them. Only that Tuesday night my friend and i agreed that she had a baby. We did not notice it because she is still so small and the stomach didn't show at all. It is just because when i touch her stomach, i feel something hard. Even i thought she infected by worms again…

Blessed Sunday Everyone

Banyak perkara yang tak dapat ku mengerti
Mengapakah harus terjadi
Di dalam kehidupan ini
Satu perkara yang
ku simpan dalam hati
Tiada satupun kan terjadi tanpa Allah perduli

Allah mengerti
Allah perduli
Segala persoalan yang kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah dibiarkannya ku bergumul sendiri
Sebab Allah mengerti

Allah mengerti
Allah perduli
Segala persoalan yang kita hadapi
Tak akan pernah dibiarkannya ku bergumul sendiri
Sebab Allah mengerti

Have a Blessed Sunday all!
With Love,
Little Rose

Futsal Furious - Match 1 & 2

Wah... i did not know that i can play futsal... he he he... I am not that good but i still kick that ball and pass it to my team mate. Even though i can not score any goal yet but at least we win our first match, 1 - 0 but we lose our second match 0 - 1. Tomorrow will be another game and it will be very early in the morning. Now is about 12.54am and i am not sleep yet. I hope i can wake up and still can play tomorrow. But, i don't think i can do so... still feel very tired because about 4.30pm after two matches i went to Beaufort just now....

This is my first experienced playing futsal and i am enjoying it. Although it was tiring but i am still not good in kick and passing the ball. Not yet develop any skills... Only 'kampong' skill saja bah... :-)

With Love,
Little Rose

Futsal Furious 2011

About two weeks ago, my company or some of my workmates have been arranging this futsal competition but i am not so much into it. Why? Because i never play futsal before. I don't know the rules, i don't know anything about this game but i do know it will be similar to football. So, today is the game day. I was included as a reserved player in one of the women team. I heard from my friend that only four women team will compete in this game. The game will start this morning until tomorrow.

Yesterday, my friend gave me our team jersey and i feel like... wooo... i am playing futsal.. ha ha ha... Anyway, our team will be played at 2pm and i am not sure if this will be a league or how. I will be there and hope can contribute something to my team. Wish us luck! (^___^)

Okay, before that, here some info that i get from Wikipedia. Read more at Wikipedia.

Futsal is a variant of association football that is played on a smaller playing surface and mainly played indoors. Its name is derived…

How to Stop Procrastinating??

Do you face this problem in your daily life? If you ask me, i will answer you sincerely, THIS IS MY BIGGEST ENEMY! My biggest problem in my work and study and even at home. I start to feel that most of the time i can not cope with my task at the office, my assigment and arranging things at home. Besides that, i have other commitment with church activities and so on. This is where i feel time is so limited and i feel suffocated and sick of it. It is not about limited time, i have so much time but i waste my time with this thoughts "Never mind, i can do it later. I still have tomorrow to do it. It's okay, the dateline is still two days more.... etc.."

See, these thoughts is actually makes me did not have enough time. At the end my work is not complete on time and then it began make me feel to give up and stress.

So, i am looking for a solution for this problem. I GOOGLE up this 'thing' and found a few tips on overcome this bad habit. I hope this info will help yo…

Jangan Pandang Belakang ......

Sebenarnya, saya tidak puas hati sebab saya tidak tersenarai dalam senarai TOP 100 contest Jangan Pandang Kamera. Sebab tu saya pun geledah lagi fail-fail gambar saya dan terjumpa juga la ni gambar. So, terfikirlah sendiri ni, kalau tidak menang pun contest tu, life have to move on. Macam gambar di atas lah bah kan, pack my bag and step forward.. miahaha.. ngam ka itu? Tiapa, yang penting tu jambatan gantung cantik dan sungainya pun cantik.... Kalau sesiapa yang tidak pernah melawat Sabah, meh la sini ramai-ramai kita naik jambatan gantung. Hish.. merapu-rapu sudah saya ni... Better i stop herelah... Till then..

With Love,
Little Rose