I like to plan. I like it when i plan ahead before any events or programme start. But i hate it when things not happen to be as planned. Even how perfect my plan is there will be a change here and there when the times come. I really hate it. For this, i am talking about work. Last minute changes brings headache to me. Therefore, i need to mentally and physically prepare. Expect the unexpected.

In life, in my personal life i have no plan. I don’t have goal in my life. WHY? I am not sure why but there is a reason that i can not shared here. I live my life following the flows. I learn to believe God has His plan for me. I am doing things according to His Will. I plan a little bit, but when things keep on changing and not happen as my plan, i learn to believe God has another plan for me. Maybe what i am doing now is not what He wanted me to do to let His Kingdom known in this world. So, i live my life being grateful of what i have right now. As long as i know that my God never leave me alone. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Planning is an important component to being organized. And when things don't happen your way, you should stay planned for that too!!

  2. marjaan--yep, plan well and be able to come up with the Plan B if Plan A is not working well. :-).. Thanks for yr words.


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