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Heaven Knows

Just a little song to be shared peeps. I love listen to this song and am listening it right now. But the version that i listen to is Carol Banawa version not Rick. So, just search in You Tube and you will find it anyway. Happy Listening!!!

She's always on my mind From the time I wake up, Till I close my eyes. She's everywhere I go She's all I know.
And though she's so far away, It just keeps getting stronger everyday And even now she's gone I'm still holding on So tell me, where do I start 'Coz it's breakin' my heart Don't wanna let her go
Chorus: Maybe my love will come back someday Only heaven knows And maybe our hearts will find a way But only heaven knows And all I can do is hope & pray 'Coz heaven knows.
My friends keep telling me That if you really love her, You've gotta set her free And if she returns in time I'll know she's mine
But tell me, where do I start 'Coz it's breakin' my heart Don't wanna let her go
(Repeat Chorus excep…

Thursday Morning Blues

Good morning everyone!

I am excited for my one week holiday next week but still i have a few things to be settled. This makes my Thursday morning is in blues. I don't want to take my work home and i don't want to worry about my plants and my pets. I just want to have great time with friends and family. Can i? Hmmmph... it's all deepends on myself. How i manage everything before i leave here.

Anyway, hope you guys did not have blues like me toady. Hope you still have a productive day at work. Take care and God bless!

Little Rose

....(No Title is a Title)....

It's Sunday. I was prepare myself to attend Mass at church this morning. Grab my mobile phone and before leavingcheck if there is any call or SMS that i missed. Arh.. two SMSs. Read it through and i get LOVE SMS from my bos. Hmmphh.. still i did not complete one last task that she asks me to do. Seems to be she is already mad at me. Admit it, it is my fault. My own weaknesses that i can not do my own work.

So, decided to cancel my plan to attend church. Instead of heading to church, i am heading to the office. Most of the data is in my desktop so i can not do it at home using my lap top. Get my unfinished document from lap top, save it in my pen drive, grab my mobile phone and purse with house keys, car keys and almost forgot office keys. Heading to office.

Arrive office and lucky bos is not here. I will peacefully doing my work. Need some light breakfast before start. Boil water and while waiting, switch on my desktop and log in. Search for some documents that i need. Yah.. all …

I am still awake.....

It's already 2.17 am. My eyes still wide open. I am suppose to write my report but yet my brain can not working. But still i have to utilize this remaining time to complete this task.

Where to start? It's already half way, about 50% complete but i am not in the mood of doing this. How to push me and give my last efforts to complete this? I am just wasting my time FB-ing and BLOG-ing...

If my working style is keeping this way, i may get fired from my big boss. No company want to waste their money with lazy employees like me. Huhuhu... How come i become like this? I always complete my work before the due date but now, the due date is over and my work is still hanging on the bridge. Waiting to fall down the rocky streams. Yaiks! What happen to me? Sad... sad... sad... a like this.

The China Rose & Red Rose



Wow.. it has been a while i did not go for exercise. I mean really exercise. I was a (sportswoman) before... That was during secondary school. After that? No more... Just doing it for fun. To make me feel healthy.

I went for a jog today and it was already dark outside. Feel more comfortable jog in the dark? Not really. Why? Because i may step into the hole or step on a snake (if any). But the good things is that people can't recognize me. Yeah! I can wear what i want to wear so nobody will talk about it. I used to jog with short sports pants and a singlet because i can feel the breeze on my skin. But here? In this housing area? Nope, people will talk about it. Okay, ignore them then!

I sweat a lot after two rounds. I feel great arrive home. I was listening to music while i am jog so i did not hear anything. That's another good one so no distractions. He he he...

I found some article saying about listening to music while doing sports. Here some of it.
- Music can distract attenti…

Food Supplement

Do you take any food supplement? I am not really a fan of food supplement before. However, after i move to my new work place, i really need some now. I am working with pulp and paper company and live very close to the mill. Can you imagine the how the air is and how our water? I did spoke to one of the health supervisor from nearby health department and she told me our water is not safe. They found dangerous chemical in our water system but still the quantity is not yet very serious. Still i have quite problems staying here. I faced skin problems since i move here.

So, to make the story short i took two types of supplement now. Both i bought from COSWAY (since i am a member of cosway)...

I start taking Chlorella last year. This is good for detox and here is some info about this product. I am not doing promotion here, just a little bit of sharing. (^__^)

Chlorella is Mother Nature's miracle food for cells. It keeps them:
Clean - Chlorella does an amazing job at keeping cells clean an…

Blessed Sunday - Bagi-Mu Pujian

I have created this video last night and posted it in You Tube. I love to listen to this song by Sari Simorangkir and hope you have a blessed Sunday! God bless...

Role Model ~ Mother Teresa

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.
Mother Teresa

Read more of her at this site:
Mother Teresa Biography

A Change.... - Part 2

Did i share about my current change in the office? Yep... i did right... So far, this week seems to be okay and lucky my colleague like the change as well. So i don't feel bad that he mad at me because i change it without his consent. So, this should be fine. Here how it is looks like for now (I my change it again if i still feeling uncomfortable... he he he..)....

So, for now, i love my table and love my office with hope i will fall in love with my work too (later)... Already have some plants to make my surroundings green. Green office makes me feel more better!
Till then!
With Love, Little Rose

Learn Tagalog Friday ~ Greetings

I just want to learn simple Tagalog language. Maybe just a few words for a start. Today i will memorize this five greetings in Tagalog (Hope i really can remember it..he he he)....
Magandang araw - Beautiful dayMagandang umaga - Good morningMagandang tanghali - Good noonMagandang hapon - Good afternoonMagandang gabi - Good evening* Araw also can be means day or sun.

So, that is my lesson for today. Will posts more of Tagalog words that i learn every Friday. Hope this will really help me to add some Tagalog vocab. Till then!

Expression of Appreciation

Some people can not express their appreciation on others work. Some people are very easy to say so. It is because of pride or is it because of "I don't practice that, it is not my habit, it is not my way of doing work"... Is it very difficult to say so?

After a hard work, a small appreciation will boost up some motivation to do better in future. That is what i think and feel. Appreciate what people did and just say a simple one, "Thank you for the hard work! Good job! Well done! Do better next time! See, you made it! etc..etc.." Is it so difficult to say so? (Maybe it is for some people)...   

Only a crazy thoughts after some experienced working with various types of people and my kinda observation at my working place. Quite interesting people to working with! Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose



A Reminder To Myself........

Rose Dearie,

Live your life like there us no tomorrow! Constantly move forward and appreciate the motivation for your existence! It has cause! It has meaning! It has reason! Never give up and never look back! Choose to make a meaningful difference in your life and the life of others. Do it everyday and DO IT BIG!!!!

Little Rose

A Change....

If you follow me, you can see i write quite frustrating posts lately. It is because i am quite disappointed with myself, my works, my surroundings etc.. So many disappointments. When i sit back and reflects, i find out this will not do good to myself. I need to do something... I need to CHANGE. To change my attitude, to change the way i am thinking and react towards the situation i faced now.

The first thing that i do was, i CHANGE my table position in my office. From the beginning, from the first day i sat on that chair two years ago i don't like the position of my table. The entrance door to our office is behind me. I need to turn my head 180 degree if i heard the door is open. This has become my habit and i don't like it. Our office is small so every time i think of rearrange it, i am afraid the room will look more crowded than ever. For sure my workmate will not agree to it too. Actually we did discuss about rearrange our table too last year but still can not think how.


Cold Heart

The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed ... ~ Charlotte Bronte


Uncomfortable..... Always a moments that makes me into an awkward situation. All is written in my face and action. When someone irritates me, doing something i don't like, i can not pretend. There will be no smile in my face, no words comes out from my mouth. Just silence and unhappy face.

This really makes the situation uncomfortable to me. Feels like to run away from that place, can not do things i use to do. Can not smile and laugh out loud. Just feel uncomfortable being there with the person.

Need to change the negative aura to a positive one? Need to learn how to takes things easy and let go? Need to be more open to the differences between us? Can i do this? I just want to be me but for better i need to change my attitude. Hmmmmmphhhh..... Till then!

I Wish......

I wish i can say what is in my heart......
I wish i can do what i really love to do.....
I wish i can be there for the one i love....

I wish i can do more for the people in need of my help....
I wish i can learn more things and expand my knowledge....
I wish i can just ignore all the problems and live happily....

Too much?
Anyway, i still appreciate for everything i have right now...
Still God already gave me so much for me to live in this world...
Be grateful for this life.....

With Love,
Little Rose

THM Composting Mini Project - Progress

Hai All,
I am very sorry for my so late updates on my current activities. Okay, i have some to share here. Still remember i was really busy these past few weeks. So many activities is going on. Here, i wanna share a little bit on my activities with the YOUTH GROUP. This is supposed to be posted in my Nature Blog but here also fine, i think.

On the 18th of July, the Youth Group and i were organized a demo for THM for our Housing Residence. However, only 3 participants attend our demo. We were quite disappointed with the feedback from our housing communities. Even though there were only three of them, we continue with our demo and slides presentation. I am quite proud with my youth because they really can deliver the presentation and demo very well. I must say WELL DONE to their great effort.

Next, we will keep on continue with our project and i hope we can introduce this method to our communities in this housing areas. For now, we are still doing the trial for our plants and seems to b…