A Change.... - Part 2

Did i share about my current change in the office? Yep... i did right... So far, this week seems to be okay and lucky my colleague like the change as well. So i don't feel bad that he mad at me because i change it without his consent. So, this should be fine. Here how it is looks like for now (I my change it again if i still feeling uncomfortable... he he he..)....

See, the entrance door is now on my right and walls at my back! 
See the door to my room is in front of me...
And the position of my desktop is feel just right... 
The corner of my table is my phone and my protector... :-)
God bless my work!
So, for now, i love my table and love my office with hope i will fall in love with my work too (later)... Already have some plants to make my surroundings green. Green office makes me feel more better!

Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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