Me & My Work ~ Blessings in Disguise

Recently i feel i am blessed because i have the chance to serve the communities. I do complaint and disappointed sometimes, but at the end, still i think this is a blessings to me.

If i think i am doing this work for my good names, good salary, good position, i will not feel this blessings upon me. I must think and do this for the GLORY of my GOD. To make people known that i am bringing good NEWS in any way of my action towards them. I serve JESUS and i see JESUS when i work with these people (supposed to be like that but sometimes my humanly/ worldly thoughts took away all these graces and i became very negative person. For that i pray to GOD for HIS guidance and to always WALK with me).

Women making handicraft. I learn how to make it from them.
An old woman planting paddy.
Women group learn how to do the documentation.
Preparing rattan.
Childrens playing at the hill paddy field.
Still enjoying the freshness of the water in the rocky river.
With Love,
Little Rose


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