New Layout ~ Again?

Me? Always love to change things. I easily get bored so i change again. In my previous posts i did mentioned about CHANGE; my office table position that i change recently and also i did rants about People's Change. So today i change my blog layout theme again. I am not sure if this will become my last changes or i will change it again in near future (if i get bored with the colour and widgets and so on).

For this present layout, i just love chocolate colour. Not sure why, but it is the earth colour. The previous one is black and white theme but after a while i did not really like it though. So, i change.

How about you? Do you always stick to your blog layout or you frequently change? Just like me.. Hmmmm.... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. saya pun baru tukar layout :) hehehe.... how ru? ur header look nice..

  2. Dev-- blog ko dah ada domain sendiri. bestnya. nice layout juga... sya ni cepat bosan bah tgk layout yg sama ja... he he... I am doing fine..
    Oh ya, Happy Holiday!


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