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SECRETS. Do you have yours? Your own secrets or your family secrets or your friends secrets or even somebody that you don't know but you being there during the incident? Me? I have mine but most of my secrets is no more secrets because i shared it with my sisters, brothers or even my best friends. Did i keep anything for myself? Hmmm.... i don't think i have one left (ha ha ha... sounds a little but scary when i think about it).

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Did you write down your secrets in your journal or any books that you keep it locked in your mysterious box? I have my secret book with my friends. We kindda share everything inside the book. We wrote all of our secrets inside it and we promise to burnt it out when one of us get married. But, i forgot, where i put that book now. Yai! See, keeping secrets inside the books if you are forgetful like me, better don't. 

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Maybe hiding it inside the bottle without writing your name on the paper and throw it away in the bush or buried it under the ground. Pheww.... Lots of work have to be done though.

So, i prefer to share with friends or my sisters if i can not keep it for myself. If it is too heavy for me to carry it alone.

The BEST person to share my secrets is MY DEAR LORD JESUS CHRIST. He will listen to me and GUIDE me what should i do. Don't you think so? He will keep my secret from anyone else and He will Forgive me if i done wrong because i know He LOVES me so much. Thanks you Jesus.

Have a Blessed Sunday all. God bless. (",)

With Love,
Little Rose


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  2. Hai Julliany,
    Thanks for drop by and leave comments. At first i thought this is a spam msg but i visit yr blog, and it is a nice blog, even though i don;t understand the language. So, thanks to Google Translate and i get your msg:

    "I loved your blog and your words really are apparent emotion, liked it so much I decided to stay, I'm following you to invite you to take a trip on my blog is loved like there is everything here is beautiful bjos have an excellent week!"..

    I hope Google give me the right translation though. I have no idea of any words in Portugese.

    Anyway, hope u have a great week too! God bless!



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