Chinese Blouse and Kebaya Pendek?

Wah... i am feeling of making blouse for my trip next week.. What should i have? Hmmm.... Thought of Chinese style blouse and kebaya pendek... Here is what i found when i Google some images..
Simple and looks easy to fit me...
This one also looks nice-lah.... hmmm...
Err...... pretty though...

I am not into fashion... errrkkk... can't make any decision.. well, will ask Anty Tailor when i see her this evening.... She will have a great ideas for me... (^__^)

Fashion Blurry,
Little Rose


  1. The first one is nice ^^ I love the color and the design..
    the second one is not bad also, the cutting is different..

  2. These dresses are nice, they look like an in between or formal and informal style. I would go with the Chinese dress though. Here are some Chinese dresses that I think are very good looking and are similar to your style.


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