My 10 Resolutions for 2012

It's a new year and i am late one day to update my blog. Okay, allow me to wish each and everyone of you a 


For this year i have 10 things to do to become a better person in God's eye. With His help, i shall:
1) Give up complaining .... focus on gratitude
2) Give up harsh judgments .... think kind thoughts
3) Give up worry .... trust divine providence
4) Give up discouragement .... be full of hope
5) Give up bitterness .... turn to forgiveness
6) Give up hatred .... return good for evil
7) Give up anger .... practice patience
8) Give up pettiness .... put up maturity
9) Give up gloom .... enjoy the beauty that is around me
10) Give up gossiping .... control my tongue
(Adapted from Lectio Divina Edition Dec 2011 - Author Unknown)

How about you? 
Hope you have a good one for this year of DRAGON!!!!

Little Rose


  1. Happy New Year to you! Sama2 la kita try to achieve all our goal this year!

    Thanks for a great year of 2011... thanks for visiting my site always :D

  2. Happy new Year 2012, Rose. May your resolutions be alived in your daily life. May love and charity always rule your heart. May your daily walks be always in His holy presence. John


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