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Do you know where are you heading?  Do you have any plan for it?  Do you have compass in your hand which directed your direction? 
Are you sure it will lead you where you wanted to go?  Along the journey, what did you find?  Anything along the journey that break your heart? Fill your heart with so much laughter and joy?
What is actually your Journey in this Life?  This journey leads you to one destination....  Back to your Creator in Heaven! Be grateful of life which has been given unto you. 
Have a Blessed Lent!
-- Grateful, Little Rose

NIBANG ~ The New Adventure & Challenges (The Photos)

With Gratitude,Little Rose

Being Creative - Reduce Plastics

End of January visit to one of the village is very interesting (finding on new things always interesting one-lah) to me. Why? This is my first encounter of handicrafts made from plastics by the local villagers. I used to see crafts made from used papers such as newspaper, magazines catalog etc but never really seen one made from shopping plastic bags my own eye. So this is kindda interesting ya.

Then, we hear, seen and even involved in REDUCE PLASTIC BAGS CAMPAIGN all over the world. GO GREEN CAMPAIGN etc. So, this made me more interested with this innovative and creative crafts.

So, here are two photos of the handicrafts that made by our local villagers. Quite pretty right?!

What do you think?

Little Rose

NIBANG ~ The New Adventure & Challenges (The Diary)

9th February 2012 (Thursday)
Diary #1 - Tired

I am almost dead today. Carrying my super duper heavy backpack with all kind of my belongings inside, all sorts of things I brought together for my three days stay in the village. Now, I am exhausted “tahap gaban”, all my back and my legs so painful now. It was two and a half hours walk crossing three rivers and four hills. Passing two different villages, I think its two villages but perhaps only one village with scattered houses along the road. I am not quite concentrate with my surroundings because of my heavy backpack. Not only that, I also forgot to take any photos during the walk, too tired to do something else in between my walk.

This is quite an interesting trip because I never did something adventurous like this before. The last walk I did was back to 2000, where I participate in “Belia Masuk Kampung” programme at Kg. Tiang Lama, Ranau, where we walk quite a while in the dark carrying our own bags to get to the village. This is wha…