Another Beads Collection

Recently my friend ask my help to prepare a door gift for her wedding. I am not sure what she wanted but she seems to be interested with my beads work. I am still an amateur or beginner i may say. So, my creativity is very limited. I still need to refer to others hand work to stimulate ideas. Huh... not an easy one hey!

So, we manage to come up with this beading crafts. It is tea spoon made from palm bark (not sure which types of palm is this). She actually wanted to make a book mark with beads as the accessories for it but she can't find the book mark holder. So, here is our hand work. We manage to finish up 150 pcs. She is a fast learner and now she can make brooch herself and she really work hard to sharpen her skills. Happy for her!

Along the way, i manage to create this design. Ha ha ha... Not so creative but still, this pop up in my mind. So, here is my earrings beads again!

Creative mind,
Little Rose


  1. lawa jg tu pun mo start blajar beads tp teda time :)

  2. Nice as a door gift lah the spoon tu apa lagi kena accessories with the earrings beads too....creative juga ko ni rose...


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