Thanks Be To God....

Guys, i am so grateful for the life that God has given for me. Why suddenly i said so? Because i almost involved in an accident today. Today is my first time drive our 4WD to our operation area. So, the first experience always a new learning point and i learn a lotttttt today!

First thing happen is we bump into a logging truck. And it is going up hill and i learn a lesson which side i suppose to pass when i bump into a logging truck. Always go to the right side of the road. Yep, i did not know that is suppose to be done and i am a bit panic. The car off a few times. Berpeluh juga la sya owh. But we dide pass thru.

The next lesson is that, when the road is just grade and it is rain (not heavy rain), it makes the road a little bit wet and very slippery. I almost lost control of the car when we are going down the hill and on the left is ravine and on the right is hill and in the front is a sharp bend. Huhuhu.. We almost involved in accident and i am so grateful to God that we are safe. In my mind whether the car fall down the ravine or hit the wall. But, we are safe. Thanks be to God!

Little Rose


  1. oh Thank God you're alright Rose! careful yeah. may God's hands of protection be with you always. Be safe! :-)


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