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Transition from Early Adulthood to Middle Age

Early Adulthood is a period that many of us reach or reached our peak in physical performance. It is said that early adulthood starts at about 18 years of age and ends at about 30-40 years of age. For many people the early adulthood phase was a time of developing a sense of self and identity, learning to become independent of the parents, choosing a career, and having a family and kids of your own. During the later years of early adulthood and the beginning years of middle age, people seem to change from a more self indulgent way of life to a generous lifestyle. They start looking at things as "What's best for the family?" As people get older they start seeing the meaning of life as they know it. An understanding of what is important and what is not is define again and again as the individual lives with it's family. Many times people start looking at their lives differently and do not like what they see as they get older thus sudden changes often occur.

During the tr…

Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday!!!

Turn 31st today. No special dinner or party or celebration. It's okay. Just another day to remember. Will spend some quite time with my Lord today. A few birthday wishes and gifts means that i have my loved ones always having me in their heart. I am sure, not only today but each and everyday i have many family and friends wishing me good health and live a good life.

So, i am grateful Lord that He gave me wonderful 31 years of my life. So, i want to promise that i will live a good life after this (but can i do that?). With God nothing is impossible.

--- Birthday Girl, Little Rose

Grief The Unspoken

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