RoseRagai Rosario Project 2012

Do what you love. So, i did this because i love making Rosaries. Here is my collection and most of it already have its owner. May all of them be blessed and they use this Rosary to pray to Mother Mary our mother.

Red #001 -- already with Sr. Angela.

Brown #001 -- booked by my friend Nory. 

Purple #002 -- already with my friend Mary.

Light Purple #001 -- Aunt Elizabeth asked me to make
this for her. She provide me with beads, cross and
center piece. 

Light Green #001 -- This is also Aunt's.

Green Cat'sEye #001 -- Booked by my friend Nory. 
I made some more and actually there are two more rosaries in need to make. My friend asked me to make for them. I also teach  my friends that interested to make on their own. Am i happy? Yes of course. This is what i did when i am at home, when nothing else i can do.

Little Rose 


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