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New Netbook ~ Acer Aspire One

I am so HAPPY today when i received my new gadget. Nothing to brag about it but just to share a little bit my happiness here. :-)

Thinking of buying a new laptop since a few months ago when my old Dell Vostro laptop having problems a few times and that laptop i bought in 2006. Almost seven years and it was my first laptop. I am so loyal with that lappy since then because it never once dissapoint me. Thus never enter 'workshop' for repair or maintenance. Go anywhere i go even to Japan and also deep forest of Borneo. But i admit that my buddy Dell is old enough now and he need to rest sometimes because i am a person that can stay in fornt of my lappy hours and hours in a day. So he may get some rest when i get this new buddy to do simple work and online.

The decision of buying new lappy is stronger when i was away for 9 days in the camp last week, i can not do my work because my dear Dell did not have battery and we don't have power supply at our camp. Sigh! I need new lappy…

Oh My Dinner!...

Entri malam ni, entri dalam Bahasa Melayu aku yang ntah campuran rojak apa ntah dah sekarang ni. So, don't ask me why sebab tetiba ja aku rasa nak pakai Bahasa Melayu la pulak untuk entri merapu aku malam ni.

Hmmm.. pikir jap, nak pakai Bahasa Melayu Sarawak ka, Bahasa Melayu Sabah ka, Bahasa Melayu Semenanjung? Hmmphh... Tiapa, sya kasi rojak semua. Biar jadi 1Malaysia. Huahahahaha.. Konpem nangis student aku kat SMKBI kalau dorang terjenguk entri ex-cikgu BM dorang ni lepas ni. Apa nak buat, cikgu dah bukan cikgu Bahasa lagi dah. Lama dah jadi cikgu pencen. (*_^)

After balik dari office hampir-hampir jam 6 petang, aku terus pergi gereja. Takut esok tak sempat nak pergi sebab ada temujanji dengan kawan dari US. Jadi, aku buat keputusan nak pegi jugak Sunset Mass petang tadi.

Ingat tek mok agak supermarket mok beli sikit makanan key makan malam tok sekali nangga tutup plak Su Chong Supermarket ya. Lupak indah aku sidak tutup ari 6 sebab sidak ramey pekerja SDA rasanya. Sidak SDA t…

The Sanitary Project ~ Maliau Layung (Part 2)

Back to the main toilet block, we have other tasks waiting. However, the structure team already successfully set up the toilet structure on the ground. So another task to be done is:

Set up the toilet bowl and connect it to the PCV pipe to the septic tankRoofingWallingConcrete groundDoorPainted the wood preservativeSet up the tap by connect it to the existing water gravityCover back the septic tank and keep the surrounding clear from all of our mess
On the 3rd August afternoon around 3pm, the toilet completed. Yess!!! At last we made it. If not of our team work and cooperation during the process, we will not be able to make this project a success.

The most satisfied achievement for me is when I can engage the locals from this village to take part in the construction process. I believe that they will value and appreciate more of this toilet if they feel the toilet is theirs. The ownership of this toilet building and I am sure they will use it wisely and take good care of it. However, this…

The Sanitary Project ~ Maliau Layung (Part 1)

Project Period: 26th July - 4th August 2012
Kg. Maliau Layung, Pitas not a well-known place but attract us to do something to change their way of living for a better. The sanitation system in this village is very poor. I visit this village twice and including this project will be the third time. During my first visit, I did not know that this village did not have any toilet because it is just an hour visit and that is my first time. During my second visit, I stayed overnight and this is where I start to look for a toilet. Hmmm… no toilet around and I have to sneak into the bush behind the house to pee but it is a rubber plantation near the house. No place to hide a little bit. I am in trouble.

Observing this scenario, my superior came up with a plan to start a sanitation project in three selected villages around this area. We are lucky because we have a very committed partner, the Raleigh International Borneo. With Raleigh International we welcome 36 high school students from Dr. Cha…

Oh My English!..

Recently, i wonder why my English is so damn poor again? I was away to assist a volunteer group from UK and at the same time, i became their translator in that village. But, for that past 10 days, i lost words. It was so difficult to find the right vocab to describe items, occasion or anything that the volunteers asks. *Sigh*

This is also the reason why i did not really update my blog. Not only that i did not have ideas but also my English is so terrible now. After my boss resign, i did not use so much English in the office, maybe this is also one of the reason. But i still prepare reports in English (but very difficult to complete it now!) and reading lots of reference in English.

Oh! My English!.. Most of the time is direct translation and if i did not find the right words, i use Malay. Too much with the Sabahan dialect nowadays. Aiyah!..

--- Dilemma,  Little Rose

I feel like i am a Durian

In a difficult situation to avoid hurting others feeling i feel like i am a durian fruit.

It have it spikes, sharp and it can hurts our fingers when we accidentally touch it. So, i feel like a durian when i roll to the other side, i may hurt the people on the other side and if i roll to the other side, i may hurt them too. So, where should i stand?

Some people don't like the smell of durian. It's too smelly and gross, that's what some people said. But for me it's the most delicious fruit i ever taste. So, why do i mind for what other people think of this fruit. It's delicious, it's the king of all fruits.

Why do i have to pleased other people so much? I will never be able to pleased all of you guys. I may need to be myself and be happy about it.

So, taste this delicious durian flesh. Nyam Nyam...

--- Ade aku Kisah! Little Rose