The Sanitary Project ~ Maliau Layung (Part 1)

Project Period: 26th July - 4th August 2012

View of one side of the houses in the village. 
Kg. Maliau Layung, Pitas not a well-known place but attract us to do something to change their way of living for a better. The sanitation system in this village is very poor. I visit this village twice and including this project will be the third time. During my first visit, I did not know that this village did not have any toilet because it is just an hour visit and that is my first time. During my second visit, I stayed overnight and this is where I start to look for a toilet. Hmmm… no toilet around and I have to sneak into the bush behind the house to pee but it is a rubber plantation near the house. No place to hide a little bit. I am in trouble.

Observing this scenario, my superior came up with a plan to start a sanitation project in three selected villages around this area. We are lucky because we have a very committed partner, the Raleigh International Borneo. With Raleigh International we welcome 36 high school students from Dr. Challoner’s High School, UK. They were accompanied by their teachers and assisted by Raleigh Project Managers. They have a total of 10 days with 8 days for completed the project in the selected villages.

I was assign to assist one of the groups named Charlie 3 to Kg. Maliau Layung, Pitas. Together with two Raleigh Project Managers and one teacher and her partner, we travel on the gravel road using 4WD. It takes us 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the village.

The 4WD vehicle need to cross the Bengkoka River
Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the JKKK’s son. I was a little bit worried because I am new to this village and I still did not have any contact yet. New place, new people, new environment, new culture, new tradition, new language and all new things. Worried? For sure I am worried but in my heart I know I am not alone and Jesus is with me. He is my strength to overcome the entire difficult and complicated situation. I was lucky because my friend is local and he can speak the native language but he will move to the other two villages and left me alone with the 16 volunteers. Hmmph..

The digging team working hard to complete the digging task.

The first three days is super exhausted moment for me because we are working really hard. The weather is very hot, with bright sunlight from 6am until 6pm. We work from 7am – 12pm, rest from 12pm until 2pm and continue again from 2pm until 4.30pm. I am super tired because we are working hard on the project sites, digging the big hole (5ft depth, 9ft length and 5ft width) for two septic tanks. My arms, wrist and back are very painful at night. Maybe I put too much tense to my hands digging the hole, shoveling and cracking the tough soil.

Both of the septic tank securely set inside the big hole.
However, we are lucky because we manage to complete the digging task on the fourth day. Yippie!!!.. Seeing both of the tanks inside the hole relief me. All the hard works on the digging tasks is completed. Then we will move on with other tasks especially with the main toilet block with two units of squat toilet.

Till here. Continue in Part 2. 

From the Diary of,
Little Rose    


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