Pilgrimage to Medan ~ Day 2

Early in the morning of 2nd day we left to Berastagi. I did not know that this place is so far away from Medan town. We stop at two places before we reach Sinabung Hills, Berastagi.

The family members of the couple dress in a beautiful kebaya
That morning, there is a wedding reception held in the hall of Garuda Plaza Hotel and i was fascinated by the blink-blink 'kebaya' they were wearing. I did not manage to capture the couples photo but i took a photo with one of the family members. She is a Batak lady and she is beautiful.

Bakso, my Lunch!
Our first pit stop was a mall in Medan town. I will never forget this day because my friend and i was having a misunderstanding about time. Before we left the bus we were so sure that all of us need to get back to the bus at 1.30pm. After having our lunch we were separated from our group and walking around the mall until it's 1.15pm. Suddenly our tourist guide, Pak Adi found us and told us that we are almost 45 minutes left behind the first bus. Errrrkkkk!!!! What time do we suppose to gather? He told us, we suppose to be back to the bus at 12.30pm. Argghhhh!!!!... It's Indonesian language says "Jumpa balik jam setengah satu" means that 12.30pm. But we are so sure we were told "Jam satu setengah..". Lucky that not every people in our group complain about us. Yuhuuuu.. we are on Pilgrimage Trip, no judging others.. :-D

The famous "Kek Lapis"
That noon is my duty to lead the Rosary Prayer and i am super guilty for making the whole group late. Not feeling so good about it and i was telling everyone, we are so sorry for our mistake. After we finish our Rosary Prayer, our tourist guide tell us a story about the famous food home made from Medan. It is a famous gift from Medan Kuih Lapis Legit and Bika Ambon. Both taste delicious but i did not bought it.

Nanda the practical SMA student
The tourist guide assistant (SMA practical student), distribute the Kek Lapis for all of us to taste it. I think quite a lot of aunts and uncles bought it as a souvenir specialty of Medan.    

The traffic
The road to Berastagi is quite busy. Even though it's Sunday the traffic is quite pack though. A lot of motorcyclist did not wear safety helmet and almost everywhere not only in the rural area. No mater how bad the traffic jam is, i did not see any police traffic on the road. Sometime, a volunteer will stand in the middle of the road and help clear the packed traffic.

Eating durians in Medan
Our 2nd stop was at Pondok Durian Ula Lupa. I am not sure the price because i did not eat any. I just watched the other friends eating durian. A lot of durians.

Sinabung Hills Resort, Berastagi
At last we arrive at Sinabung Hills Resort, Berastagi about 5pm and we celebrate our daily mass at Sinabung Hills Resort. Just before the mass, our spiritual director found out that they did not brought wine for the Holy Mass. It was lucky that not far from this resort there is a Catholic Church, Santo Francis Dari Asisi Church. They get the wine from the church rector, an Europe Priest (not sure from which country). Praise the Lord that we can celebrate our Holy Mass at 6.30pm that day. After mass we had our dinner and then rest and sleep because we will have another long journey to Danau Toba on the next day!

Praising Lord, 
Little Rose


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