Pilgrimage to Medan ~ Day 3

On the 3rd day we leave Sinabung Hills to another part of Medan. We will be on an island on the island, and that for sure the famous Samosir Island inside the Toba Lake. Yai!!! I am super excited because at last i can see it with my own eyes. With the elevation 1000++ meter above sea leave, aren't its amazing and interesting to be there?..  

Sinabung Hills Resort compound early in the morning. 
The sculpture that "attract" my friend very much at Sinabung Hills Resort :-)
Sapiso-Piso Waterfall, the water flow into Toba Lake.

View of Toba Lake from the SaPiso-Piso Waterfall.
Stop by at Simarjarunjung to taste the famous ginger tea.
Now we are on the boat heading to Kg. Tomok on Samosir Island.
These kids (Batak Toba) making money by singing and entertain us.
Samosir Island, that is where we are heading. Kg Tomok is first stop.
Later we stay at Toledo Inn, Tuk Tuk Village also on Samosir Island.
We visit the memorial tomb of the king of Kg. Tomok. 
The Batak Toba kids playing bicylce in front of our chalet at Toledo Inn.
Nice view isn't it?..!
During our dinner that night, the owner of the Toledo Inn
was with us. She is 90 years old and she still look great!
Leave you with one of my fav photo of myself at Sinabung Hills Resort!
(Mau juga pi letak gambar sendiri bergaya ni!!)
Hope you enjoy with all the photos and a little brief about whereabout i visit on our 3rd day in Medan! I am sure seeing lots of beautiful photos and scenery i share, you wanna visit Medan. Book a ticket and you can fly to Medan via KL. Air Asia is availabe. :-)
Enjoying the trip,
Little Rose


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