Hurt..? ~ I am Sorry.....

I am bad today. I am not happy because i hurt somebody's feeling. Badly? Maybe. I am not sure how hard my words affect this person. I am taking this person for granted because this person is only a strangers to me. I may say, my new friend but seems to be a very kind person. How i feel after i know that this person hurt, i feel bad too. My heart? Aching too.. *Sigh*

Nothing seem to be alright for me when it goes to treating people. Sometime. I am not really sensitive now. I don't really care for others feeling. I just say what i want to say and do what i want to do. I don't care if its annoy others or irritates them. Its just me. Accept it or leave it. Maybe my past experience making me behave like this now. My heart also hurt before. From what a few people that i trust that i thought a very dear person to me did to me. Hmmmphhh... I did not realize this is affecting my attitude, my behaviour now.

To this person, i don't know you yet and you also don't know me but i feel really guilty for saying those things to you. The words that already spoken can not taken back, i know that but i am still seeking for some forgiveness. I am sorry, i am really really sorry.

Credit to deepmelancholy
I feel like my words is like that nails... :-(

Feeling Bad,
Little Rose


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