Owh! I miss My Mum & Dad~~~

Taken during my hari raya leave 
I miss my parents!!!! Whoaaaa..... I wish i can go back and see them once a month but i can't do that because i am far far away from home (well, its just i am on the other part of Borneo Island). Seeing them during my leave early August is a blessings too because i manage to take photo with both of them. Why? Because it is very difficult for me to get my mum and dad sit side by side like this. Never ever i get a chance to take a proper photos like this with both of them Usually i only can get a photo, maybe my dad with no shirts on and my mum with her singlet and "kain batik". But this is the best photo of me with them properly dressed. Wohhhooooo!!! I am super HAPPY!

Well, that's all for now! Till my next update. I am lazy to write these past few months and i always looking for excuses for not write (^___^). LAZY to think and LAZY to write.  He He He... 

A little bit Lazy!
Little Rose


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