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To Stay Positive.... Have Faith and Believe

To stay positive in thoughts and actions require a great strength. The person must be very high self-esteem and very confident with his own stands or views of life. However, there is still a moments when life treats you bad, the negative thoughts came in and emotions may break down.

I am not a very strong person, physically and mentally. But somehow, my bestfriend keep on telling me that "You are a strong person. You can do it. If others believe and can see that you can do this, you must believe in yourself too". 

The words of encouragements from people around me especially the person that really care about me give me strength. I believe they are God's instruments and that is how He answer my prayers when i ask for strength when i feel so weak and hopeless.

Dear Lord, thank you for your bountiful love for me and for those who care and loved me. Have mercy on us that we are sinful. Amen. 

Blessed Sunday, 
Little Rose